Title : Seminar Motivasi SPM SMK Lunas

Objective : To give exposure to the student on how well or correct technique to prepare for upcoming examination.

Contribution : PKPE has invited best motivational speaker to motivate for the  seminar. 

Title : Seminar Motivasi UPSR SJKT Kulim

Objective : To give techniques and motivation to prepare for examination.

Title : Seminar Motivasi SPM SMK St.Patrick

Objective : To motivate and encourage the student to complete their study so they could further their study.

Contribution : PKPE invited few speakers from various background who are successful currently to motivate student.


Title : Donation E-Learning Portal to SMK Sg Kob

Objective : To support student in online learning tools and encourage student to use online learning. 

Contribution : PKPE contribute RM 2,650.00 worth of e-learning portal to SPM student.